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Who is Brian Koz, the co-creator of PPC Evolution?

By admin | Friday, June 26th, 2009 | Brian Koz

Know that the Koz, as in Brian Koz, is just a nickname, which came about because his real name is a bit of a tongue twister.   His strong influence in the design of the PPC Evolution program cannot be overstated - it was a real bonus for his team. 

Brian’s been online and working full-time as a internet-based marketer for many years now and during this time he’s spent a great deal of time and money mastering the various traffic techniques - with a notable emphasis on Pay-Per-Click. 

In order to understand Brian’s ppc perspective it’s important to recognize his roots on the internet.  Brian Koz - real name Brian Kosobucki - cut his online teeth as a coupon marketer. 

Coupon Marketing forged within ‘the Koz’ a unique marketing style which differs from a lot of producers in the internet marketing niche.  In fact, it’s given Brian an innate sense of exactly which internet marketing techniques work and which don’t.  This has helped him hone his PPC skills and recognize the need for better ppc tools to help others. 

But the real strength of Brian Koz has been in his ability to build on these coupon marketing techniques and the knowledge gained in order to expand into other markets.  While Brian started as a lone-wolf operation, he has long since expanded to working with a team of programmers and designers. 

Before partnering up with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming on both PPC Evolution and their earlier smashingly success software Lead Evolution system, Brian gained perspective by teaming with many other internet power-players, including Willie Crawford,  Harris Fellman and Ross Goldberg.

Now, Brian Koz and Dr. Mike have unleashed their programming team on the PPC Evolution membership program.  If you need a full review of PPC Evolution you’ll find it here.  If you are in seach of a great PPC Evolution Bonus it’s here. 

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Brian Koz and Dr. Mike Launch ‘Coreg Insider 3.0′ Course - May 10, 2009. 

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By: Brian C Koz 

Lead Generation Business

Lead Generation Business by Dr Mike Woo-Ming and Brian “Koz” 

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